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​​Ally, Strategist, Facilitator & Partner for teams interested in:

The real challenge for organizations is not figuring out “What can we do?” but rather “Are we willing to do it?”

Robert Livingstone | How to Promote Racial Equity in the Workplace, Harvard Business Review

Creating thriving, inclusive workplaces

Understanding and acting on their role as change agents for social impact

Harnessing organizational and leadership development strategies for positively impacting their people

What I have to offer

J-E-D-I Strategy and solutions

Integrating J-E-D-I commitments into people practices

Anti-racism, Allyship & Inclusive Leadership workshops 

Custom leadership development (curriculum design & delivery)

My Guiding Beliefs & Principles

Strengths exist. 
I meet you there.

There is no "perfect" solution. 
Act – Reflect – Act.

Diversity & Inclusion are interlinked. 
Start with Inclusion.

The work is non-linear, emergent & evolving. 
Keep going.

Preferential option for the silent. 
I listen.

Accountability & Discomfort is the norm. 
I facilitate. 

Informed by:

  • Philosophy of Praxis

  • Action Learning (Organizational Development)

  • Liberation Theology

  • The work of Paolo Freire, Desmond Tutu 

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